New Feature - Invoices

Dear investors,

Today we want to introduce you a new implemented feature.

What are invoices?

An invoice is an itemised bill issued to a customer, that provided with detailed information for all your deposit and withdrawal requests.

What can I use an invoice for?

The uses of an invoice has several advantages:

In case if you suddenly closed the confirmation page, or you're completing your deposits in batches by making more than one request at the same time - invoices will helps you avoid a payment errors, such as forgotting the exact amount or so, since you can find all the details you need on the bills page, such as due date, deposit address, amount and payment note.

They’re also a useful record-keeping tool.
Record organization or keeping track of your invoices is much easier when you see all of them all in one place. This also helps you when you need a support request about your payment.

Find all your invoices right on the "Make Deposit" page under the "Current Invoices" tab