Investment Amount Reached $5,000,000

Dear investors,

Today we're truly exciting about the news that HourlyRoyal have been step over its half year running since investment platform was launched,
and the invested amount is stepped over than $5 million US dollars.

We're so proud that the work of our professional team has received such wide recognition and contributed to the growth of the well-being of thousands of people from different countries.
It's very pleasant that the is very popular allover the world, a large number of 5529 active investors from allover the world have been joined and trust us with capital management.
At the time of publication of the news, we've received an investments amounts in the amount of $5,029,908.15.

Everyone who've invested in our platform have received their solid returns of more than $3 million US dollars, and continue to receive payments seamlessly
At the time of publication of the news, the total amount of paid profits is $3,236,213.80.

We express our gratitude to all partners for their trust and assure us that we will continue to go ahead and make every effort to ensure a consistently high income for users of our platform and go ahaed step by step closer to the next goal of an invested amount over $100 millons US dollars by the end of 2022

And now we'd like to share our achievements and an excellent results with you:

- 86 monitorings control us for solvency with high reliability, that 100% of them gave us thr PAYING status;
- 291 video reviews with payment proofs;
- 34 reviews in media;

Join HourlyRoyal Investment platform right now, go forward with us, invest in your bright future.

Your Sincerely,
Roy Glenn, CEO