Bounty Hunter


1. Text reviews (Comments, Reviews, Payment proofs)

If you do not have your own website to write an article about us, you can promote us with comments on thematic resources, such as blogs/monitors and forums, sharing your experience or payment proofs about

Note: For each 1 web-resource no more than 1 comment is accepted in 24 hours

Rewarding Amount: up to $5

2. TrustPilot campagin

Write a useful and meaningful review on about your experience with

Note: 1 review per 7 days is accepted

Rewarding Amount: up to $5

3. Video reviews

1. Create a short 1-3 minutes informative video about
2. Post it's video on the one of popular resource such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.
3. The title of the video must contain the "" keyword.
4. Specify your referral link in the video description.

Note: 1 video per 7 days is accepted

Rewarding Amount: up to $100

4. Signature, Avatars, Banners

Signature, Avatars and Banners can be posted on your own pages in social networks, thematic resources, forums and other services.

Place your referral link from the program in social media. (Example:
Banners can be placed on any sites, but placement on thematic sites will be rewarded significantly higher.
Select your banners at

Send us the link to the page with the Signature, Avatars or Banners.

Note: Avatars, signature and banners can be requested every 7 days.

Rewarding Amount: up to $300

5. Media/Blogs campaign

Do you have your own blog/monitoring or website?

Write and publish an unique article or post about on your website.
As well you can place a banners on your article and website, to increase your rewards.
Send us the link to your website and direct link to the article.

We accept articles in any language.

Note: No more than 1 articles per 7 days.

Rewarding Amount: up to $1000 (based on its quality, uniqueness and length)